Rosie Bluum - Meditation
Rosie Bluum - a place to nurture your spirit
Meditation is a wonderful way to quiet the mind, still the body and relax your being. It is a way to connect with your Intuition and a way to simply recharge and balance your spirit.

Class Schedule:
Tuesdays 7 PM - Guided w Betsey Grady
Wednesdays 7 PM - Guided w Betsey Grady

We generally start right on time and ask that if you are late and it has already started to please come back next time so as not to disrupt those already in practice.

Meditation classes are PAY CLASSES , minimum $5

Please come early to sign in and pay before you get nestled into your spot with a message card and a crystal.

Class Description:
Guided Meditation- (great for beginners) This particular style takes one through a deep and peaceful relaxation of the body and mind and then on a journey of the senses through visual suggestions. The only requirement is to bring your imagination along and enjoy the ride. If you are not visual or suffer from an inactive imagination, this style of meditation increases your ability to build that part of you.  It is a perfect style for anyone- beginners and masters alike and generally lasts 45 minutes from beginning to end.   $5-$10 minimum

Private Meditation  Private Guided is available to those desiring to learn how to meditate and feel more comfortable outside of a group setting. It is also wonderful to those looking to address specific issues and concerns as it can be designed to address your specific needs. Our Private sessions
are $20 per session and constructed to suit whatever YOU have going on personally (consultation time is complimentary of course). Each session lasts 45-60 minutes. A package of 5 sessions can be purchased for $85.

For a free Guided Meditation, you are invited to listen below:

Try this Guided Relaxation audio
Let yourself find peace within your mind and your body in just 15 minutes.

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Bliss Break - for any time
Bliss Break is a 15 minute-ish break for your day. Gently guided awareness with your breath and your body precedes everything melting away into bliss and nothingness. Even your thoughts melt away as y...

15 minutes of Relaxation
peace for your mind and your body
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or to download click link below in pink

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Relax in 15 Minutes
Enjoy this simple and easy guided relaxation on your work break or right as you awake or before you go to bed. Follow along as you watch the slides or close your eyes and be transported into a place o...

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Easy Guided Meditation for all levels
please note--- Music is provided by the Dean Evenson Sound Healing CD was played in the background of this Meditation recording.Allow yourself to find the deep calm within with this Beginner's Gu...

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Release and Restore Meditation
Enjoy this guided visualization meditation constructed to release tensions, anxieties, worries and stress. Use this to not only to let things go, but to recharge and revitalize. You will feel renewe...

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